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  1. TYL

    TYL's Administrator Application

    My England is not good bruh
  2. TYL

    TYL's Administrator Application

    What name(s) are you know as within the community?: TYL What is your steam profile link/ STEAMID64?: STEAM_0:0:35592689 What time zone do you reside in?: +8 GMT How much playtime do you have on the server?: (To check type !playtime in game) 13 Hours Do you have experience in staffing?: (If...
  3. TYL

    TYL's | introduction

    Yes Madone is not born in Singapore
  4. TYL

    PMC Type Faction

    +1 Only for events side not like adding in for roleplay since we have both US and Islamic. There is not point to have more factions
  5. TYL

    Special Branch for each side

    +1 Absolutely we need it but I doubt, it will be in the future.
  6. TYL

    TYL's | introduction

    Hai there TYL here, Im the only asian in the server please recruit more asian.