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  1. Duckley

    TYL's Administrator Application

    +1 Eastern (Asian) player, always need more from that timezone in the staff team and in higher positions, hardworker with a good head on his shoulders and leadership coming from running 86th. Don't think you'll get in the issue of him handling sits unfairly or unprofessionally. English is eh...
  2. Duckley

    [MRP] Staff Management Application Templates

    Head of Staff Requirements # The Head of Staff is in charge of everything regarding the staff team, they finalize promotions, host meetings, demote/punish staff, and update the server rules along with the Generals of the server, in corroboration with the Chief Operating Officer. = Any Supervisor...
  3. Duckley

    [MRP] Server Staff Team Application Templates

    NOTE: Temporarily we will allow those with recent or past staff experience to apply directly to certain positions. In your application please lay out the chain of command for staff for your server, then apply where it seems appropriate. (You may disregard the current requirements of playtime)...
  4. Duckley

    Day 3 into the server being out

    And @MageZX has changed their avatar 4 times, jesus man pick one anime character 😡
  5. Duckley

    Aevoa rapping

  6. Duckley

    Madone is officially part of the LGTBQ Community!

    👏👏👏 🏳️‍🌈
  7. Duckley

    PMC Type Faction

    This is an interesting idea. We will most likely have event jobs from other factions like Russia, China, Taliban, ISIS, etc. However the idea of having a whole other faction with it's own ranks and structure is a whole other topic. I sort of like the idea but definitely need more talks about it.
  8. Duckley

    Special Branch for each side

    Yes so we already have plans for this, the only reason they aren't in yet is because we wanted to focus player population into the major divisions first. Our plan is to have three special forces companies for each faction. Right now we are planning on having Delta Force, 75th Rangers, and Green...
  9. Duckley

    Headshot multiplier

    Yeah hopefully this can balance the problem with players with too much HP/Armor, we'll also probably lower armor and health for those classes that have increased values.
  10. Duckley

    TYL's | introduction

    @Madone this true? 😳
  11. Duckley

    Fives | Introduction

  12. Duckley

    54th Asserting Dominance

    Yamacoochie headass
  13. Duckley

    MilitaryRP Officially Launches

    HELLO EVERYONE! I am proud to announce that the MilitaryRP server will be launching this coming Friday the 12th at 3:00pm EST. It's been a long and arduous journey to get the server to where it is, and we appreciate those who've been patient. We are anticipating minor bugs to be reported or...
  14. Duckley

    54th Asserting Dominance

    U.S. are a bunch of bitches though 👀😳
  15. Duckley

    MageZX | Introduction

    You're black??!
  16. Duckley

    [DLN] Forum Account Support Template

  17. Duckley

    [DLN] Store Support Template